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Santa Maria/Russell (Woodside Highlands)

Like a few other enclaves of Portola Valley, the Santa Maria/Russell neighborhood maintains a traditional country charm. The narrow, sometimes one way, roads leading through the area enhance the feelings of privacy, seclusion and tight-knit community. Homes, and their lots, on this hillside tend to be a bit more modest in size than some of those found in other parts of the valley, making the area much more accessible in terms of price.

Beginning at Portola Road, the Santa Maria/Russell area also commonly known as the Woodside Highlands stretches up the hillside through the Hayfields toward the coast. Nestled among the redwoods, the neighborhood maintains the feeling of a natural retreat as it once was the summer getaway for San Franciscans in the 1920s.

The area is also in close proximity to excellent hiking and biking in addition the numerous open preserves nearby.

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